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Health plan has become the need of every individual and everyone wants to get the best coverage at an affordable amount. Many people choose offline plans, but it was a time taking process and expensive too. It is better for you to buy the desired health plan online at an affordable price. Comparison of policies is a simple process, you don't need to do much. Just fill a simple form related to your requirements and within few minutes you will get free quotes of medical policies from top insurers. PolicyX.com assists you entirely in getting free quotes and provides free comparison services. We at policy X.com do not charge any kind of money from users. We have tie-ups with the top insurers in India and hence we are able to provide free quotes easily to you on a single page. You can get complete information about the plans and products on our portal. PolicyX.com is a one stop shop for all your insurance related needs. So start comparing and get best health insurance policies in India.

Tips To Compare Medical Plans In India

Comparison of health plans in India is a tricky thing and a lot of people make common mistakes like only comparing annual premiums and ignoring other important features like annual check-up, room-rent capping, pre-existing disease coverage, pre and post hospitalization expense coverage, etc. Here are some of the tips that can help you avoid such mistakes and choose a medical policies that fits your requirements.

  • Premiums are important, but not the only comparison factor: It will be good for you to compare features of the plan rather than the premium as features play a vital role during the policy period.

  • Provide accurate information: While purchasing online, review your proposal form and make sure that you provide accurate information as insurer can reject your claim if he doesn't find the information accurate.

  • Consider medical cost inflation before deciding on the amount of coverage: It is essential to check the medical cost inflation, only then you will be able to decide the right sum assured amount.

  • Consider family floater plans as you can cover your spouse and children under one policy: If you have a family, then it is advisable for you to buy a floater plan instead of an individual policy. It will provide much benefit and save your money as well.